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The Self Soul Sport Podcast

Mar 8, 2019

Oh yeah, let's get really real about being an introvert with Shanna's interview guest: Mary Vin Rose. 

Who is Mary? Mary Vin Rose is best known for her limited talk cable series Healthy Living in The Bronx, where she highlights people and organizations that are helping Bronx residents live a healthier life. Mary is a self-love and mental health advocate who is dedicated to promoting wellness through art and media.

Mary also happens to be an introvert with careers under the spotlight as a TV host, actress, and producer. In her chat with Shanna, Mary shares her honest experience being an introvert, debunks common misconceptions on introversion, and prepares listeners for some truths on how they can react to an introverted person. 

Listen to this whether you can relate as a fellow introvert or want more of a glimpse into the life of an introvert under the spotlight! 

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