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The Self Soul Sport Podcast

May 17, 2018

As the last interview of the first season in The Self Soul Sport Podcast, Shanna dives in to a really real chat with Jera Foster-Fell. Jera was born and raised in New York City and studied Fine Art with graphic design emphasis in Los Angeles in USC. After working at several terrible jobs, ending a four year relationship, and struggling with social anxiety, she hit an all time low. But in 2015, everything changed. After getting help for her social anxiety, she found a new passion in life through the combination of both exercise and social media. Jera left her graphic design job, grew her personal brand on Instagram, and became an Adidas ambassador. She also pursued her dream of becoming a SoulCycle instructor, despite being told "no" several times along the way. Jera gets really real about her overcoming social anxiety, how she is overcoming it now, and the techniques she uses in all of her roles. This interview will leave you feeling like you can overcome too! You can find her on @jera.bean and read her blog on