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The Self Soul Sport Podcast

May 17, 2018

Shanna's interview with Caitie will leave you inspired to finding and leading a cause that resonates with you. Who is Caitie? Caitie Corradino is a community fitness instructor, eating disorders recovery coach, Master's candidate at NYU, and the founder of a non-profit, F.I.T. 4 All. The many hats that Caitie wears all connect to her single mission: to help people recognize the intelligence and beauty of their bodies. Caitie encourages the participants of her "mindful movement" classes and nutrition education sessions to honor their intuition, celebrate their individuality, and stay grounded in the PROCESS rather than RESULTS. These principles also guide her as she works full time at an eating disorder treatment center, earns her Master's in Clinical Nutrition, teaches events in many F.I.T. 4 All communities, oversees the everyday operations of her organization, and navigates the unpredictable journey of being a human. You'll leave this episode immediately wanting to become involved in your community and fill the gap that it needs.