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The Self Soul Sport Podcast

May 22, 2019

Get ready because Shanna has a return guest and her girl Diana Davis. In her entrepreneurial journey since stumbling upon entrepreneurship, Diana keeps it real on her growth, burnout, and how she has become the best entrepreneur she can be.
Who is Diana? Diana aka @dianadaviscreative is a traveling lifestyle photographer, graphic designer and girlboss entrepreneur based in New York City. She is fueled by bringing health, wellness, travel and food stories to life behind the camera and in front of the screen. She grew up on a ranch in Colorado and went to college in Bozeman, Montana—totally opposite from her hustling NYC life now.
She decided to take the leap to the Big Apple in 2015 without a job or a plan much like she took the leap into full-time entrepreneurship, but she wouldn't change a single thing. You can find her traveling the globe, connecting with badass people, breaking a sweat or sipping a Mezcal Margarita, with salt, obviously! 
Listen to this episode to hear Diana chat about how to overcome burnout and how she’s tackling it in her own life. This episode will make you think about your own journey! 
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