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The Self Soul Sport Podcast

Mar 15, 2019

In this last episode of Season 3, Shanna chats with her gurl Chelsea. After finding her through @popsugarfitness, Shanna knew immediately that she loved Chelsea's message and needed to get her on the podcast to chat about self love + social media. 

Who is Chelsea? Chelsea Culbertson (IG @choosingchelsea) is a positivity-and-body-confidence-preaching Instagrammer that has risen from the depths of ultimate self hatred & negativity to a place of self love.

She wants to help all women embrace themselves at all stages and learn to live a life out of love for themselves. She was also an avid macro counter & 6-day a week gym goer turned intuitive eater & exerciser. She promotes a sustainable & realistic approach to overall wellness that focuses on FEELING better over looking better.

Listen to this episode to hear Chelsea chat about knowing your superpower, showing up as your true self, and making a difference via social media + beyond!

Chelsea's IG: @choosingchelsea

Chelsea YouTube: Chelsea Culbertson